Christmas Eve Cocktail


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20121224_16134620121224_152710 On top of the Christmas day holiday party I am hosting for our extended family, I have also just finished hosting a Christmas eve cocktail party for a few close friends.

On the menu was the usual medley of fancier dishes, Christmas treats, and Guyanese favorites.

My cookie sampler platter was full: sugar cookies, shortbread, Scandinavian almond bars, gingerbread, rum cake and fruit cake. As it’s mostly adults, I decided to go lighter on the sweets.


We also had a holiday favorite: cheese balls made of cream cheese and cheddar, goat or blue cheese, dipped in cranberries, walnuts or parsley for easy serving.


Delicious and pretty, I serve it with cute serving knives I bought a few years ago at Winner’s.

On the cheese tray, I also had slices of apples, grapes, walnuts with a honey drizzle, prunes and crackers. I have serving grapes in wine glasses for a few years now, as it is very visually appealing and balances out my tray!

20121224_161048For a snack, R and I made tortilla sushi rolls with carrots, cucumbers and smoked salmon. I served it with soy sauce, pepper and ketchup. It seems to be a hit!


For our West Indian crowd, I also made a tray of barra and dip that disappeared too quickly for me to take a finished photo! I guess that makes it the most successful treat of the evening! 🙂